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The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce acts to build a resilient community with a growing economy.

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Inspired by outstanding business leaders, the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building a remarkable community, creating prosperity, and ensuring a sustainable and thriving economy for Iberia Parish.

Advocating for your industry, promoting your small business, helping to design policies and practices that affect your business positively, that is what your Chamber has been doing for business in Iberia Parish since 1939.

By maintaining its independent nature, founded of and for the business community, the Chamber is uniquely positioned to speak for pro-business legislation, convene collaborative groups and form public and private alliances that will help move public policy and projects forward.

Consumers think favorably of businesses that are members of the chamber and also more likely to purchase goods or services from those companies. The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce offers opportunities for member businesses to leverage their investment in the Chamber by taking advantage of timely educational events and opportunities for promoting your business news/ special offers and taking advantage of marketing options.

Developing stronger community trusteeship is an important aspect of the Chamber's work evidenced by its facilitation of Leadership Iberia in its second decade now. This leadership development program educates and empowers a broad network of well-informed citizens, whose strengthened commitment to community involvement affects positive change in the Greater Iberia Parish area.

Lead by a twenty-one member volunteer board of directors, who direct the Chamber's mission of improving the business environment so our members can grow and prosper, the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce contributes to the economic development of the community, which ultimately enhances quality of life.

Improving the business environment so our members can grow and prosper, we work for pro-business legislation, provide relevant training and business networking opportunities, as well as, leadership development, because a strong business community benefits the entire community. The Greater Iberia Chamber is here to serve your business needs. We are neither consulted nor notified by the U.S. Chamber of the positions taken by the national organization on candidates and legislation.


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